It's the Time of the Season... for Tomatoes :)

Posted on July 8, 2013

Rejoice, Richmonders! Tomato season is here! Here are my first local tomatoes of the season... Look at these beauties! These tomatoes came as a surprise today when I was visiting my wonderful godmother Sunu today. The afternoon was made all the better when she presented me with these juicy, pesticide-free tomatoes from her vegetable garden. So sweet, and so delicious... Grown with love, and shared with love... The way all food should be.

Known to be a staple of summer cooking, the tomato adds flavor, color, and all-round deliciousness to seasonal dishes. A few of my favorite summer dishes that honor the tomato? Caprese salad, ratatouille, gazpacho... What are your favorite tomato-based recipes?

*The tasty tomato is also super healthful; this humble savory fruit bursts with antioxidants for your skin and immune system, in particular, the powerful cancer-fighting phytochemical lycopene (which also gives tomatoes their beautiful red color). *NB: Lycopene, and all its health benefits, becomes more available to your body when you cook your tomatoes.

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